My Son Comes Home

He is not a prodigal; he is a seminary student in Dallas starting in September.  He found a job and an apartment, but he wants to come home for a week.  His friends want to see him and he is filling a calendar with meals, visits, and places to stay.  Four people have asked him to stay with them.  He wants to comply and stay one night with each. 

Home is also where we live, but not many friends remain here.  His life centers around the big city, not our small town.    He complied by saving Monday night and Tuesday morning for me.  I am speaking at Toastmasters and having a job interview.  The plan is that we both share one car, but he will have it most of the time he is in town. 

I love my son.  He bought me a cell phone and put me on his plan.  We talk often.  It will be nice to see him again.  That is what all of us say–friends and family.


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