Let me introduce myself…

Let me introduce myself. 

Big Mama of Social Media at Cool Town Toastmasters

Big Mama of Social Media

 I am the Big Mama of Social Media.      

I know.  I know.  Yo mama so big, she needs two Facebook pages.

As Big Mama I have five email accounts to sort out my life.  I had to have an email just for Toastmasters, and another for work, play, mystery shopping, and just plain fluff.  It is tricky to think of a password with eight characters and a number.  So I did:  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  I have learned: email is passé.  It is time to send a micro blog, short messages of text or media.  I can remember the day when blackberry and apple were just fruit!

      Mom and dad used to say, “Call us if you are going to be late.  Today, it is, “Would it kill you to send me a text when you are going to be out late?  Or you could have tweeted me.” 

     My Big Mama social media journey began with Nancy who told me that she had a Facebook so she could see what her children and grandchildren were doing.  There is no need to ask, “What have you been up to?  You can read it; they post and tweet all day. 

     I have a Facebook because I soon found that my children’s friends were my friends and they had parents that were my friends.  Facebook is so nice to me; it finds people I may know from high school, college, jobs, and my home town.  Facebook even asks if I want to add friends gathered from friends of friends.  I make new friends and restart old ones.   Facebook reminds me about everyone’s birthday. I can add photos and make albums. I know you have heard what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  No, no, no… it stays on Facebook and You Tube forever.

     Las Vegas was the location of Toastmasters International Convention.  I went there for a vacation—a vacation is what you take when you can’t take what you’ve been taking any longer.   Five computer stations were set up in the lobby for us to post photos of Mr. Nigeria and me, add friends from Puerto Rico and Oaxaca, tweet or update our status.

Mr. Nigeria and Volunteer Socorro

Mr. Nigeria and Volunteer Socorro at the Toastmasters International Convention

People read status updates nowadays–not books, unless they are e-books. Toastmasters’ has its own YouTube channel!  China Toastmasters has its own You Tube Channel!    Lots of speakers; even the top three winning speeches from the latest International Speech Contest are there.

     I wake up in the morning to say their prayers to the Trinity and then check in with the online Trinity: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  They are better than the morning newspaper.       

     Let’s talk about the news.   Hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, earthquakes—all tweeted as they were happening.  Did you read that the epicenter of the Washington, D.C. quake was in an old cemetery?  Yes, it was caused by the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves!

     That just goes to show you what Abe Lincoln said was right, “You can’t believe everything you read or see on the Internet.”  Abe, I must admit I am smarter since I read the internet.  I know not to marry a tennis player – love means nothing to them.  There’s eHarmony and Match.com where statistically, 122% of all people exaggerate.

      Do you twitter?  Do you think only twits tweet?  Not so.  If is tweet is sweet it is a retweet.   Let me overstress that I’m not addicted to Twitter. I only tweet when I have time: break time, lunch time, dinner time, on time, off time, this time, that time, any time, all the time.   

     I love LinkedIn.  I am NOT the weakest link; I am well connected to people who know me and to people who don’t know me from Adam. I have inside connections with groups.  Before the Toastmasters convention started, a group was on LinkedIn about the convention and made plans to link up in Vegas.  There are more than 18,000 members in this group.  Perhaps we could have a LinkedIn label placed on our badges next year.

I can look for a job or a new business opportunity.  I ventured to apply for jobs on LinkedIn and found muchos, beau coup, lots of jobs at Google, for example.  I chose the ones I liked and clicked to apply through a LinkedIn button.  My profile is sent electronically and immediately to Google.  Any day now, I ought to be hearing from them…

     Let me let you in to a secret:  I have more friends on Facebook and LinkedIn connections than I do in real life.  How did that happen? 

Jessica Pierce of Career Connectors teaches us about Social Media

     How did I get so computer smart?  By going to Career Connectors.net and Laid off Camp.  Imagine a room full of Baby Boomers with grey hair, no hair, or dyed hair listing to spiky hair young professionals.  They are adept with the computer and teaching us adept with the television about Job Hunting in the 21st Century.  No more resumes to the wind; it is F2F, face to face and B2B Business to Business.  They sound like cheerleaders:  “Networking, networking, and networking!”   

     As a result I have a blog. I am writing for the world to see.  This is definitely the age of narcissism.  It is all about me. 

My first speech, "Outliers," in the area contest

I am the Diva of the Digital. 

I am the Matron of the Modem.

I am wired and on Wi Fii.

I giggle with Google.

I am tickled with Twitter.

Do you want to follow me? 

I am friendly on Facebook.

Will you connect to my professional Linked In network? 

After all, I am the Big Mama of Social Media.


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