I am the “Big Mama of Social Media!”

If you are not on Twitter or using Social Media, do so. Just listen to Socorro Galusha Luna give her award winning Toastmaster’s speech. Thank you for the endearing and humorous expose. If you missed Socorro Tuesday, she will be presenting again at our event on Monday, October 3 in Mesa.

It all started with the Toastmasters International Humorous Contest. I gave the speech at both Repartee and Cool Town Toastmaster Clubs. At the area contest, four hilarious speeches were given and the top choices were difficult to choose. I sent my speech to Career Connectors because that is where I became cyber saavy.

Jessica Pierce, my Twitter teacher, leans over and whispers, “Can you give your speech after I tell about the next Twitter workshop?”

Of course, I can, I say to myself. I write notes to refresh the speech and then go to the restroom to practice before a mirror. After the applause indicating the speaker had finished, I arrived to the side of the stage.

When I heard laughter, I knew I could deliver a funny speech now! At the end, the applause was gratifying. I was asked to do it again at a church for a skit at Christmastime, and at Career Connectors for the Mesa meeting. I will be videotaped.

What can I say? “Star of stage and video tape?” I love it! Hmmm….comedienne, A woman professional entertainer who tells jokes or performs various other comic acts. Thanks, the Free Dictionary.com

Female Comedienne

This could be me.


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