Dave Ramsey Rocks!

Dave Ramsey Rocks!

I wrote him this letter.

Dear Mr. Ramsey,

Thank you a million times!
I am your biggest fan.

Tomorrow I have to buy and have it installed, a switch for turn signals on my 2001 Toyota Camry.  Cost= $400.  Guess what?  I HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND!

I am in Toastmasters and was interviewed at a contest in which I gave a humorous speech, “I am the Big Mama of Social Media.”  Occupation?  I am independently wealthy, I said.  How?  Listening to Dave Ramsey.  The truth be known I am on unemployment and given $214. a week.  I had three job interviews this week.

I blogged about it.

Here’s what was said about me through Career Connectors where I learned most of my social media.

If you are not on Twitter or using Social Media, do so. Just listen to Socorro Galusha Luna give her award winning Toastmaster’s speech. Thank you for the endearing and humorous expose. If you missed Socorro Tuesday, she will be presenting again at our event on Monday, October 3 in Mesa.


Then friends taped it for You Tube so it can go viral, I hope.
Anyway, I started a fan page on Facebook and used the photo of me winning the $2000 at the EntreLeadership Book Signing.


Socorro Luna Galusha


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