Career Connectors Rock!

Career Connectors rock!

Where else can a baby boomer like me learn the latest job hunting strategies for the present time of change and challenge?

I learned to use Twitter and Linked In with ease and expertise thanks to them.

Where else would a guest speaker from the State of Arizona tell you there are 300 job openings and show a sample resume to follow?  Nothing font fancy—just do it simply to get results.  I did and completed four interviews.

My favorite story is the interview in Tucson by a team from Phoenix for a position in Coolidge for a job I had no training or experience.  They must have liked everything else on my resume, except that I did not meet the job description.  I did not realize this until the day of preparation for the interview.  The attached job announcement was 41% reduced in print and I could not read it.  I had to search online and find that I was not qualified for the next day’s interview.  It was too late to cancel.  I confessed prior to the interview at the interview.  I decided to go on with the interview for the proverbial practice all job hunters need.  I must say I entertained them and we were laughing and joking in the hour.  We all knew I was not going to get the job, so why not have a good time anyway.

Question:  Demonstrate your sign language vocabulary.

Me:  I love you.  Thank you.  Jesus.  Hook ‘em, Horns!  (I am from Texas and we all know that sign.)

Note to self:  Ask about the job description before accepting an interview.

Career Connectors, thank you for getting me ready with a resume and giving me tips for interviewing. Career Connectors, you rock!


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