Jessica Pierce, Happy Surprise Birthday!

Whipped cream frosting with lots of flowers for Jessica

Written and performed by Ian Salzman

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We interrupt to the program for a very special and important public service announcement.

On this day, Oct 11, 21 years ago and more, this world was graced with the birth a little baby girl –  a girl that would grow to be an outstanding citizen in our community; a woman, with platinum blond hair and solar powered perpetual energy seeking, with all her heart,  to fill God’s calling upon her life with zest, energy and a “no questions asked” willingness;  and someone from whose lips are often uttered the words “Praying you land the career of your dreams”

Yes, this young girl would become Intel graduate, a mother of Tanner, Chloe and Carly and the wife of a stalwart, unfaltering husband.

She would go on to prove, beyond all shadow of a doubt, that Mary Tyler Moore is not the only one who can “Turn the World on With Her Smile”.

Jessica, the Birthday Girl

Jessica, the Birthday Girl

She is the lover of “Leads Me” by Sanctus Real and devotee of KLove.

And  most of all, she would demonstrate, beyond words, that it is not the riches of the world that brings meaning to life but the embracing of a much higher calling.

Yes, it is Jessica Pierce of whom we speak. The one that puts the “Tweet” in Twitter and the “Social” in social media. This is the day to celebrate, one and all, and give thanks to God for her smile, her dedication, and friendship with all.

Ladies and gentlemen, we now invite you to stand and join us all, with voices lifted high, in the singing of the old birthday anthem “Happy Birthday”.

Socorro and the throngs sing to Jessica.

Socorro and Ian planned the surprise


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