Big Mama of Social Media Visits Her Son

It is Wednesday and I am still in Dallas.  I am visiting my son, the smitten seminary student.  He would be the son of social media who talks to me and teaches me tips to use.  He also talks about spiritual stuff and I really like that.  I almost feel like Mother Mary talking to her son.  He is so wise.  He had me read a page from Peacemakers written by Ken Sande.  I had not been peaceable in his midst and the handout served its purpose.  He also told me that he is committed to tell the truth all the time.  He calls me out when I am not telling the truth–like why we are late or how I want to exchange the down comforter by saying it was a gift when it was really a purchase.  Picky.  Picky.  I really respect him.  I love him.  I told him I wish he treated me more like visiting royalty.  He smurked.


One thought on “Big Mama of Social Media Visits Her Son

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