A Working Lunch with Tara Keily

Together for a work ready community!  Let’s have lunch to talk about all of this.  

Noon at the  new Pinal Hispanic Council 107 East Fourth Street in downtown Eloy, AZ

 Welcome to http://www.workreadiness.com home of the National Work Readiness Council.

We are passionate about the entry level workplace as a platform for individual success and business growth.

We believe work readiness means being able to deliver value in frontline jobs in entry level workplaces.

Work readiness is the key to linking individual and business success to transform the entry level workplace through a focus on Value Creating Relationships.


Our Vision is that the Entry Level Workplace is a platform of individual worker success, business innovation and enhanced customer value.

Our Mission is to assure excellence and inspire innovation in the entry level workplace through community dialogue, simple standards and quality assessments.

You can preview online resources including: lesson plans, practice tests, pacing guides and correlations by following these steps:


1.       Visit www.mysteckvaughn.com

2.       Select WorkSkills and Log In

3.       Click Preview

4.       Enter sample work   WORK11   and contact information

5.       Log in at my.hrw.com


  The WorkSkills is a print series with online resources.


 Who is Tara Keily?


She works for Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt  and will be giving us a training presentation.  You may have seen her at tradeshows, conferences and exhibits at national, regional and local levels.  Her work has brought her to North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Idaho.  On Thursday she will travel to Eloy, AZ for the first time and she is providing lunch for us through Chick fil A.  What a gal!


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