The National Work Readiness Council

When I saw this logo, I wanted to be a part on the council that gets people ready for work.

That lead me the website,

I requested more information. According to the website in order to have a work ready community, we had to value creating relationships and associated skills.”

Check! They “are emerging concepts that integrate research across disciplines in business strategy, talent development, workforce development and adult education.” Check again! That is what we want, too.
Tara Keily called me and when she told me she would be in Phoenix, I asked if she would come to Eloy to meet with our local “work ready community.” She agreed and even provided lunch for all of us.

She explained that, “We are passionate about the entry level workplace as a platform for individual success and business growth.”

That is what we want, too, in Pinal County, and especially Eloy, the community with the greatest economic need.
The National Work Readiness Council developed the National Work Readiness Credential through a five-year consensus-building course of action involving businesses, chambers of commerce, state workforce investment boards, unions, along with educational and training professionals. The credential is a certification of being ready for entry-level work as defined by employers.


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