Marketing and Outreach for JOBS!

1.  Who is your audience?

2.  What is your message?

3.  How will you deliver it?  (What medium)

We were told, “We have a budget for marketing, so don’t be afraid to think big or at least, bigger.”

Heather Wolf, Library Director of the Mesa Public Library is waiting for her Job Education Specialist .  In the meantime…

In Mesa, teens are having a hard time finding jobs.  The audience also includes vets, ex-offenders, older folks, and displaced workers. 

The Mesa message is, “We have information on jobs.  We have people to help you.  Come and talk to us.” 

Mesa has Channel 11 for TV.  The City of Mesa has a Public Information Office and will handle the handle press releases for the Job Assistance Center.  The library has its own webpage.  Peter Sterling, the president of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, is a great resource in Mesa.  Perhaps a Gangplank idea could be devised in the library for businesses. 


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