More Marketing and Outreach for JOBS!

Everyone who needs a job is our audience.  Utilize radiog and newspaper for promotion.  The underemployed can be linked to the business community to connect the employer with the employees.  Partner with other organizations.  In town, work with apartments where people are moving to and the other family members may need jobs, too.

Teens can be reached with Facebook exclusively.  Teachers at the local high school have used Facebook successfully.  “For the sake of the library, I will learn about Facebook, ” said the librarian Wendy from Holbrook.

All were reminded to reach out to libraries.  Give them the basic information.  Meet One Stop Patrons.  Find the sphere of influence of each library patron and move out from there.

Can we use money for Facebook ads?  Google ads?

“We have teens that are unemployed because their parents are underemployed,”  commented Heather Wolfe from Mesa.  She explained about the homeless shelters near the library.  In the City of Mesa there is a TV station and a Public Information Office.  She is looking to partner with the Mesa Chamber of Commerce.  Small businesses are where the jobs are located.

Burton Barr was Laura Stone’s library and her son went to the library.  He was on TV talking about his parents.  He is now in Chicago as a stand up comedian.

Holbrook, Flagstaff, and Miami Job Help Hubs teamed up to talk about marketing and outreach.  Goodwill offers good service.  Anyone who is dissatisfied with their job situation can get help at the library.

Can we buy two billboards?  Get space on a ticket for TV.  Find a marquee and use it.  Chamber of Commerce websites.  Get on cable TV.  For $9 you can have 30 seconds in their market.  Put an ad in the newspaper.  Let’s be on You Tube.

Bill Dejarnette has one great idea:  Get a professional bilingual commerical for radio and TV.

Send Jim Johnson a quote.  Vendors can be paid directly.



“Listen to the music of your own voice.”


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