My New Library Friends

Kris Sherman from the Chandler Library and Carole Towles at the Palo Verde Library are friends as a result of working together over the years.  They get together with other library friends, especially for library meetings.  I met them last night at the after party at Laura Stone’s home.  She is also a librarian with the State Library.  She is a gracious hostess opening her vintage home for us to admire.  She made fresh guacamole, salsa, and dip for us.  Who needed supper after Laura’s social?

Kris, Carole, and I found a lawn couch, chair, and ottoman where we lounged and talked until dusk.  I am new to the library world and they had much to teach me about their world of not only books, but also helping people find jobs.  We exchanged invitations to be friends on Facebook, be professional connections on LinkedIn and Twitter.  We have planned field trips to and to see Cheryl Perez at the Job Center at the Apache Junction Public Library. 

Now is the next morning.  I stayed up too late.  When we saw each other this morning we hugged like old friends.  We are not going to wait until the next official meeting.  We are getting together soon, just like friends do. 


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