Eloy Job Club

I just finished a Power Point Presentation to given tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.  


Here I am with Cynthia and Tina.  Cynthia is moving to Florida because she has a job as a nurse.  Tina is still helping people with resumes, cover letters, and reference sheets in addition to posting resumes on five websites.  


Cynamon Scott is a memorable speaker at the Eloy Job Club.  What an inspiring story she gave us.


DeAnn has a new job as a chemist!  Woo hoo!



I am waving at you.  Anthony is my hero because he opens and closes the doors for us in the Community Room.  He brings cookies for lunch and shares with all of us.  


Glenn Millsaps spoke to the job club.  He is running for sheriff, but he spoke on his days as a Marine and how educated he is today.  He did not have a good foundation, but he worked hard to be a success.  He is our hero.


Lyle is our computer man and another hero at the Eloy Job Club.  He made a website for us.


Lyle dresses for success thanks to Goodwill and the total was $6. Amazing.


In conclusion, I am so happy working at the Eloy Job Club and tomorrow morning I get to tell all about it.


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