Reflect with Stories

What did I do today?  What worked?  What didn’t work?

                                                                                                                Jim Rhodes,

Director of the Small Business Center

at Central Arizona College

Jim Rhodes

Jim Rhodes is dedicated to helping small businesses to succeed and he has the stories to prove it.  This morning he spoke to the Eloy Job Club and we were mesmerized.  He followed his grandfather and father into police work.  Then opportunities came his way to be an entrepreneur.  One business was barely profitable and the other was a booming venture and adventure.  He describes himself as “just a cop,” explaining the mental challenges he enjoyed.  He applied the keen sense of observation and solving problems to business, just like he had as an officer.  He has helped businesses become million dollar entities.  He gave examples of being adaptable and seizing opportunities.

Jim has his goals posted on the door of his office.  Everyone knows what he wants to do.  He explained that knowledge must become a discipline that becomes a habit.  That is the process for success.  He has kept a log of his days activities and can tell you what he did years ago by referring to his book which details all he has done.  At the end of the day he asks himself, What did I do today?  What worked?  What didn’t work?”  Then he proceeds to write it down.  If it is not written, it is a hallucination, he quips.  He wants to remember what works and stop doing what didn’t work.  So, do I.

Today, I begin my monthly report and I want to incorporate what Jim taught me.  I organize a job club on two days, Mondays and Wednesdays.  More people start the week with me.  I have been ashamed when guest speakers come and the audience is small.  Evidently, the topics that fascinate me, don’t hold the interest of the job seekers.  Mondays are also the days that Tina comes and helps with resumes and job leads.  Tina’s House  is her purpose and joy.

“Concentrate on things that work and what the market needs, when considering a business,” he told us.  Know the market;.  Research your product or service.  How is it different from your competitors?  Only five per cent of the goods and services are in the United States, which means 95% is outside the US.  Many businesses, like families, are in financial denial.  In fact, some cities neglect the infrastructure under the guise of wanting to attract business and don’t fix their broken parts.

Jim Rhodes can tell great stories with lessons to be learned.

What I did that worked today was invite Jim Rhodes to speak!  I will have to do that again.  If you want to invite him to speak to your group, write him an email


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