Let’s work together to get people working!


 A colleague wrote:

I want to contact my workforce/One stop Rep here locally, but am a little concerned how I will be received. I don’t want her to feel as I am taking her work, but want it to be a good work environment to help each other out. Have you met with yours? How did it go? How did you approach them?

Also how about employers in your area, when you went to see them, what were some of the things you discussed? Did they think it odd you coming to see them?

Just having some insecurity in these 2 areas and thought I would ask those that have been around a while.

Thank you!


I answered:

When I was out of work, I frequented the One Stop and the Workforce Connection, now called the Job Connection.  When I found a job, they were the first to know and invited to the library to see where we would be helping people find jobs.  When Goodwill came to town, I visited their Career Connection.  Both entities are on my email list.  They know that we help the same population.


As for employers, I called each one in the phone book and asked to visit their plant.  I talked to the chamber of commerce and offered to be of service.  Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce has a job board on their website http://www.casagrandechamber.org/chamber_information/online_jobboard.htm  If a chamber member has a job opening, I can send a job club member to apply.


Be proactive.  Go out into the community.  Tell them you are there to help them find jobs.  They will come to the library for theArizonaJobAssistanceCenter.



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