Find and Keep a Job!


The Eloy Job Club is planning to offer an intensive two day, eight hour job readiness and employment skills building workshop  designed specifically for ex-offenders.  Can you help us find non-profit funding to make certain we have a better connection to placement and retention for the probation and parole population?  In turn, we can help prepare, obtain, and maintain employment by teaching effective job readiness training, along with implementing best practices in job placement.  We will collaborate with local employers, community organizations, workforce development, educational systems, and local chambers of commerce to increase resources and employment opportunities for ex-offenders.

Effective Job Search Workshop

Technology changed job hunting and the method used in the past to find   may be of little value now. Learn how to find jobs with networking, and how to use the Internet, and not only rely on online applications. Become skilled at and practice the personal “one-minute commercial” to spotlight distinctive talents when meeting people who can help in the job search. Know how to do valuable employer follow up and success at employment retention.

Marketing with Your Résumé, Cover Letter, and Business Cards
The job application and resume are the first impression made. Take the opportunity to “sell” your skills, knowledge, abilities, and experience to employers. Find out how to access work experience opportunities in the community.  Learn how to complete applications and write resumes that stand out.  The purpose of a resume is to get an interview!  Employers interview candidates whose resume reads like the job description because they want people who qualify and can do the work.  The cover letter introduces and highlights according to the job description.  Business cards add professionalism.  

 Interviewing Workshop
  Learn strategies for preparing for job interviews in order to organize thoughts, speak as a strong candidate, explain positively the negative aspects in the work history, and are equipped to answer difficult questions.  An interview is a conversation to determine goals in a two-way exchange.

 The interviewer wants to decide:

• Can the candidate do the job?

• Will the candidate fit in?

• Is this the best candidate for the position?

The candidate wants to determine:

• Do I want this job?

• Can I do this job?

• Does this job offer me the opportunities I want for advancement or experience?

Know what to do before, during and after the interview.  

Training Workshop
 Research training potentials and decide what training is needed. Gain new skills and qualifications.  Learn about government programs like the Workforce Development Partnership, the Workforce Investment Act, the Trade Act, and financial aid programs that help some job seekers.  Additional information is provided on the Federal Bonding Program, Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) and local community resources.

Let me hear from you.  We are on Facebook as Eloy Job Club.  


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