Get it together. Get a job.

The Eloy Job Club will work with ex-offenders every step of the way toward employment.  We contact local employers, training groups, state and local governments, community and health services. We find out where the jobs are and what to do to get one. Have greater access to training and skills development.  Become work-ready and improve the chances for employment. 


An inspiration is from the he model of MaineWorks LLC and their motto, A good job makes all the difference.

“Get an ex-con a job, the idea goes, and it might keep them from going back to prison.”

Maine Works provides good jobs and practical life assistance to recently released individuals facing complex life issues related to:

  • probation
  • living arrangements
  • health care (especially mental health issues related to substance abuse)

We provide transportation to the worksite.



  • People who are incarcerated may have poor basic education and marketable skills   
  • Inadequate job opportunities in the returning communities, especially for people with few skills
  • Work assignments or training provided during incarceration does not always match with jobs available in the community
  • Employers are concerned with the employment of people with criminal records
  • Lack of coordination between workforce systems and departments of correction


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