Charlene Kingston is THE Social Media Lady

Charlene Kingston is truly the Social Media Lady.

Charlene Kingston, THE Social Media Lady.

After being invited to my first social media webinar, 10 Vital Skills every Facebook Page Administrator Must Have, I signed up.  After all, I am in charge of three pages and after the webinar; I feel that I am a capable manager. After all, I have been trained by the best.

She emphasized that a Facebook business page is an important way to reach customers and potential clients.   Being a new Facebook page administrator, I had not learned the concepts and skills needed, but thanks to the Social Media Lady, I now effectively converse on Facebook.  She taught me from a list of 10 essential skills that every Facebook page administrator needs in a toolbox.  My favorite skill was learning how to create a post people like and comment on using a link, photograph, and video.  Most importantly, she showed me when and why to use each skill and I appreciate that.

Of course, in 90 minutes there was so much to learn, but she allowed me to go back and grasp what I did not absorb the first time by replaying the webinar recording and downloading a copy for my personal use and tutoring.  Now I feel confident that I can run my own business page, or help manage Facebook Pages for clients.  I can have a new job!


I liked the webinar because it is a live training class and I sat in front of the computer and listened and watched the Social Media Lady explain each skill.  Being new, I was glad that I did not need any special equipment, just the link to enter the webinar.   I had no technical problems; it was easy.  She even provides a fact sheet with all the steps to get started.


10 Vital Skills for Facebook Page Administrators webinar on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 1 pm EDT for $99 is coming soon.  Sign up through PayPal or with a debit card.  All the details are  Believe me; it is worth it!

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Charlene Kingston, THE Social Media Lady is hosting another webinar. You better check it out.  Social Media DIY Workshop  
Charlene Kingston, THE Social Media Lady.
 Now you know.

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