Inspired by Ken Robinson To Fix Education

We can do something.  We must do something.  At the Eloy Job Club we found an alarming amount of adults and youth who did not have a high school education and could not work.  That is simple, I thought.  Have them take classes from the Adult Education Department of the local college.  

I called and asked if they would come to the library to recruit students for their classes.  No . Students had to come to their offices.  These are people without transportation and no jobs.  Did not matter.  They had to come to their registration.  Without ten enrollees, no classes would be helld in Eloy.  

ImageWe had GED Test Preparation classes every Thursday for two years.  There is so much help free on the internet, but my favorite is Khan Academy where students watch video instruction and practice, usually math. We had math tutors come to help, Elease and John, winter visitors and senior citizens were available from nine to noon.  


Franklin Stover of Recognition High School helps students who are this close to graduating and helps them obtain a diploma by working on the missing credits.  “A diploma can change your life,” he believes.  For some it has been failing Arizona’s AIMS Tests and for others it was missing math credits.  The Providence Project has math drills that we use.  


Follow  Megan Farrel at Farrel Link  dot com  Invite her to bring her workshop and resources on Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED® Test Resource Book. She focuses on teaching low-level learners, and gives participants a chance to create their own interdisciplinary lesson plans.  Bravo for fixing education!  What can you do to fix it?  Can you help us?



One thought on “Inspired by Ken Robinson To Fix Education

  1. Good work Socorro, I am in Kentucky until next Monday. Tried to call and left you a phone message. I used some of Robinson’s videos in my class if it is the Sir Robinson from TED. Great ideas.

    Miss you. Not as much fun without you. John

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