How to Get Well without Drugs or Surgery

The title of the book that helped me is Better Health through Natural Healing How to Get Well without Drugs or Surgery by Dr. Ross Trattler.  I went to the doctor who interpreted the results of blood tests.  I am going to tell you about Gall Bladder Disease and high cholesterol.  The good doctor told me  I had gall stones, small, but needed removal, and might as well remove the gall bladder for prevention of cancer.  I would be given another test and a second opinion, too.

I told my friend, T.J., and she said no.  Everyone has gall stones and they don’t necessarily cause pain.  They are just there…normal.  You don’t want the gall bladder removed; you need it.  Besides, since I am overweight, no gall bladder would ensure I would be heavier and fatter.  I don’t want to part with my gall bladder, no matter what the first and second opinions tell me.  T.J. showed me the aforementioned book.

From page 201:  Symptoms-Right upper quadrant abdominal discomfort may be symptom free for years.  Bilary colic is knifelike pain…Etiologic Considerations-Obesity:  Overburdened gallbladder, sluggishness.  Overeating and faulty diet. …Lack of exercise.  Decreased bile secretion.Stress.

page 202:  …it becomes clear that much unnecessary surgery can be prevented by simple change in cultural, dietary, and social habits.  The surgical removal of the gallbladder (rarely necessary) robs the body of a useful organ and toes nothing to correct the cause of gallstones or disease.My doctor told me the opposite and now I am keeping my gallbladder.Did you know that Vitamin E is lost in carbohydrate refining is found in both preventing and dissolving gallstones.  A diet rich in vitamin B complex helps empty the gallbladder more efficiently.  Vitamin C converts cholesterol into bile acids and renders it harmless.

Exercise stimulates bile secretion by the liver.  Too little exercise, therefore too little bile, causes a deficiency of bile digestion, especially if the food eaten are the wrong type.  Anger, fear, excitement, worry, and hate all cause bile to cease flowing and therefore encourages stone formation.

Treatment for gallstones and gall bladder disease is aimed at first flushing the gallbladder of stones. Thus removing stones by use of specific time tests dietary regimens and herbs are possible. Liver and gallbladder diet begins with fresh grapefruit and juice throughout the day.  Olive oil therapy consists of olive oil and lemon juice repeated every hour for three hours.  At night on an empty stomach drink 4 oz raw olive oil mixed with 4 oz. lemon juice.  Lie on right side with helps elevated for two  hours.  or chronic cases supplement with Vitamins A, B complex, E, C and B2.  Drink to eight glasses of water to prevent gallstone formation.  This evening I prepared a drink of olive oil and lemon juice.  It was tasty and tangy.  I will be in bed for the evening and will start with grapefruit in the morning.  This is an easy treatment to flush my gall stones.

Cholesterol in both good and bad categories needed help, the doctor said.  Take medications.  From page 320:  The cholesterol story, however, is far from simple.  About 80% of total body cholesterol is manufactured in the liver, while 20 percent is from dietary sources.  A number of drugs lower blood cholesterol , but physicians have been warned by the drug companies of their serious side effects.  Only as a last resort should these drugs be used.  I am convinced not to take the drugs even though I have them from the pharmacy.  I am taking the book with me to the next doctor appointment, for me to read before going to the pharmacy.

Vegetables and fruit are free of cholesterol.  The ONLY sensible way to keep the cholesterol in a safe range is to exclude animal fat, even milk and dairy products and add fiber, whole grains, Pure virgin olive oil helps reduce cholesterol–not pills.

Today was a good day in finding the book by Dr. Trattler.  Thanks, T.J.


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