Charlene Kingston is THE Social Media Lady

Charlene Kingston is truly the Social Media Lady.

Charlene Kingston, THE Social Media Lady.

After being invited to my first social media webinar, 10 Vital Skills every Facebook Page Administrator Must Have, I signed up.  After all, I am in charge of three pages and after the webinar; I feel that I am a capable manager. After all, I have been trained by the best.

She emphasized that a Facebook business page is an important way to reach customers and potential clients.   Being a new Facebook page administrator, I had not learned the concepts and skills needed, but thanks to the Social Media Lady, I now effectively converse on Facebook.  She taught me from a list of 10 essential skills that every Facebook page administrator needs in a toolbox.  My favorite skill was learning how to create a post people like and comment on using a link, photograph, and video.  Most importantly, she showed me when and why to use each skill and I appreciate that.

Of course, in 90 minutes there was so much to learn, but she allowed me to go back and grasp what I did not absorb the first time by replaying the webinar recording and downloading a copy for my personal use and tutoring.  Now I feel confident that I can run my own business page, or help manage Facebook Pages for clients.  I can have a new job!


I liked the webinar because it is a live training class and I sat in front of the computer and listened and watched the Social Media Lady explain each skill.  Being new, I was glad that I did not need any special equipment, just the link to enter the webinar.   I had no technical problems; it was easy.  She even provides a fact sheet with all the steps to get started.


10 Vital Skills for Facebook Page Administrators webinar on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 1 pm EDT for $99 is coming soon.  Sign up through PayPal or with a debit card.  All the details are  Believe me; it is worth it!

Twitter for Business


You can see what I have done:

These are blogs, and you can find them on Facebook as pages.

Coolidge Cool Town Toastmasters

Eloy Job Club

Big Mama of Social Media


Charlene Kingston, THE Social Media Lady is hosting another webinar. You better check it out.  Social Media DIY Workshop  
Charlene Kingston, THE Social Media Lady.
 Now you know.

Need a job? Join the club!

The Eloy Job Club meets Mondays from 9:00 am to noon in the library, 1000 North Main Street next to the high school.  On Tuesdays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm meet at the Arizona Workforce Connection, 1015 East Florence Boulevard at Trekell Road in Casa Grande.  The Job Connection inside Goodwill Store 1325 E. Florence Boulevard (in the Fry’s Shopping Center) will also help you.



  •       Elevator Pitch and see You Tube for examples.
  •       Business Cards:  Either make your own or order from for $10.
  •       Work History:  List all the jobs you have worked, supervisor, address, city, and phone for ALL.
  •       Resume:  1) generic  2)to fit the job description
  •       Resume Writing Workshops and Interviewing Techniques Wednesdays,  4/10, 4/24, 5/8 and 5/22 at the Arizona Workforce Connection.  Pack a lunch to stay all day for the training.
  •       Network everywhere you go since you have a resume a business cards with you at all times.
  •       Research the businesses you want to hire you, also known as target companies.
  •       Are you on LinkedIn?
  •       Are you on Twitter?
  •       Are you on Facebook?
  •       Do you know about  Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters?  
  •       Do you know about Greg Wood and The Hire Road?  
  •       Do you know about the work of Tony Beshara?  Google him, his books, and videos on You Tube


Need more help?  Call Socorro Luna,, Job Education Specialist

520.  466.  3814 or 520.  464.  3433

Arizona Job Assistance Center in the Eloy Santa Cruz Library

For job help: @SoLuGa

Get it together. Get a job.

The Eloy Job Club will work with ex-offenders every step of the way toward employment.  We contact local employers, training groups, state and local governments, community and health services. We find out where the jobs are and what to do to get one. Have greater access to training and skills development.  Become work-ready and improve the chances for employment. 


An inspiration is from the he model of MaineWorks LLC and their motto, A good job makes all the difference.

“Get an ex-con a job, the idea goes, and it might keep them from going back to prison.”

Maine Works provides good jobs and practical life assistance to recently released individuals facing complex life issues related to:

  • probation
  • living arrangements
  • health care (especially mental health issues related to substance abuse)

We provide transportation to the worksite.



  • People who are incarcerated may have poor basic education and marketable skills   
  • Inadequate job opportunities in the returning communities, especially for people with few skills
  • Work assignments or training provided during incarceration does not always match with jobs available in the community
  • Employers are concerned with the employment of people with criminal records
  • Lack of coordination between workforce systems and departments of correction

Find and Keep a Job!


The Eloy Job Club is planning to offer an intensive two day, eight hour job readiness and employment skills building workshop  designed specifically for ex-offenders.  Can you help us find non-profit funding to make certain we have a better connection to placement and retention for the probation and parole population?  In turn, we can help prepare, obtain, and maintain employment by teaching effective job readiness training, along with implementing best practices in job placement.  We will collaborate with local employers, community organizations, workforce development, educational systems, and local chambers of commerce to increase resources and employment opportunities for ex-offenders.

Effective Job Search Workshop

Technology changed job hunting and the method used in the past to find   may be of little value now. Learn how to find jobs with networking, and how to use the Internet, and not only rely on online applications. Become skilled at and practice the personal “one-minute commercial” to spotlight distinctive talents when meeting people who can help in the job search. Know how to do valuable employer follow up and success at employment retention.

Marketing with Your Résumé, Cover Letter, and Business Cards
The job application and resume are the first impression made. Take the opportunity to “sell” your skills, knowledge, abilities, and experience to employers. Find out how to access work experience opportunities in the community.  Learn how to complete applications and write resumes that stand out.  The purpose of a resume is to get an interview!  Employers interview candidates whose resume reads like the job description because they want people who qualify and can do the work.  The cover letter introduces and highlights according to the job description.  Business cards add professionalism.  

 Interviewing Workshop
  Learn strategies for preparing for job interviews in order to organize thoughts, speak as a strong candidate, explain positively the negative aspects in the work history, and are equipped to answer difficult questions.  An interview is a conversation to determine goals in a two-way exchange.

 The interviewer wants to decide:

• Can the candidate do the job?

• Will the candidate fit in?

• Is this the best candidate for the position?

The candidate wants to determine:

• Do I want this job?

• Can I do this job?

• Does this job offer me the opportunities I want for advancement or experience?

Know what to do before, during and after the interview.  

Training Workshop
 Research training potentials and decide what training is needed. Gain new skills and qualifications.  Learn about government programs like the Workforce Development Partnership, the Workforce Investment Act, the Trade Act, and financial aid programs that help some job seekers.  Additional information is provided on the Federal Bonding Program, Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) and local community resources.

Let me hear from you.  We are on Facebook as Eloy Job Club.  

Looking for a job when you get out of jail?

Employment is a major factor in reducing recidivism. Pinal County residents who have a felony or misdemeanor conviction and need to work is our target population at the Eloy Job Club. 

Research shows a link between crime and work. Having a legitimate job diminishes the likelihood of returning to prison. Job training and placement programs are promising by linking former prisoners to work, and thus, reducing their probability of further incarceration.

According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, about 39 percent of Arizona’s 15,795 released offenders returned to jail based to a 2004 to 2007 study on recidivism rates.  Arizona has the sixth highest incarceration rate among the 50 states and where one in 33 adults is under correctional control.                                                                                             —                    ReflectionsOntheReentryMovement.pdf.



 More recently, the field has begun to benefit from research that shows offenders, just like everyone else, respond better to the prospect of rewards than to the fear of punishment. Behavioral incentives, such as offering ex-offenders the opportunity to reduce the length of their supervision terms, can be a powerful carrot, motivating them to obtain and hold a job, stay sober and in treatment, abide by other conditions of release and avoid new crimes.

—  Joan Petersilia, When Prisoners Come Home




Come to the Eloy Job Club in the Eloy Library from 9 to noon on Mondays.  

Phoenix WordPress Camp Rocks!


I am at camp today.  WordPress Camp!  I saw my WordPress Mentor, April Holle. She inspired me to start blogging at a session of Laid Off Camp.  I am getting to be a happy camper in my old age.

 I am learning about


Presented by Chris Eggleston in WordPress 101.


I am amazed at all that can be done through WordPress.

I must remember that it is one word, WordPress.

I have met many fantastic people who use or want to use WordPress.

Camp is three days long is downtown Chandler.




I open the community room of the Eloy Library for the Job Help Hub, a part of the Arizona Job Assistance Center.  My table and lap top computer face a window wall so everyone who enters the library will know they can come in.  I have a sign near the door that defines me and those who walk in the door:  GED Test Preparation. While helping people find jobs, I learned that many did not graduate from high school.  They needed to study and take the GED.  



At nine in the morning exactly, Gina enters with Rose.  Gina emailed me to let me know of their arrival and here they are.  Rose needs to study for the GED. Gina is her ride from home to the library.  What a friend!  Juan and his mother arrive so he can study for the GED.  He is 17 and only has two high school credits to his name.  Zion, our student aide, comes in and can help Juan get started.  I tell them all that they will be studying every day.  The library opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 5:45 p.m.  With all that studying, they can be ready to take the test. 


Since the studying is done via computer, I direct her to to the section on learning and training.  The last column is dedicated to adult education with six areas to explore specifically for the GED.

My all-time favorite is Khan Academy with its videos and practice.  Everyone I show it to prefers studying with Khan. 

Finally, I show them the Job and Career Accelerator and the Learning Express Library.  Log in and start with GED practice tests. 


One day I called Central Arizona College inquiring about GED classes in Eloy.  There are none.  All prospective class members have to go either to Casa Grande or Coolidge to sign up.  I encouraged people to sign up for the classes, but frankly some did not have transportation to get to the registration.  I asked CAC Adult Education to come to the Eloy Library to sign up students.  They would not.  

We will solve this problem.  We have started GED Preparation Classes in the library on Thursdays from 9 am to noon.  Steck Vaughn has donated workbooks and we are ready to commence.  Just come in and ask; no need to drive to Coolidge or Casa Grande.  Send people to the new library, located at 1000 North Main Street next to the high school.    Can you help tutor?  Sign up at the library.  he GED exam consists of five sections- language arts (writing), language arts (reading), science, math, and social studies.


Here is the information from Central Arizona College,  Remember that the only classes in Eloy are at the library. 

Central Arizona College will hold a series of General Education Development (GED) prep classes at several locations throughout Pinal County during the 2013 spring semester.


CAC is encouraging students to register for the GED prep classes this semester so they may take the current GED exam prior to the implementation of a new test by the GED Testing Service in January 2014.


The cost of the new computer-based GED exam is expected to be significantly higher.


CAC will offer a College and Career Pathways program at the Casa Grande Center and Superstition Mountain Campus for GED students who are interested in pursuing a college degree or a new career.


This GED: Gateway to Success course, combined with GED preparation, is designed to help prepare students for success in the classroom as well as provide transition tools to higher education and/or career pathways.


Students will learn about available college resources and will be introduced to career information resources in order to construct career plans.


Students should bring proof of legal presence in the United States. Pre-testing will be required prior to the first day of class; test dates will be provided at the time of registration.


Central Arizona College (Casa Grande Center)

1015 East Florence Blvd., Casa Grande, AZ, Room B103

  • 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Monday & Wednesday, January 14 & 16 and

9 a.m.-12 p.m. Monday & Wednesday, January 23 – March 13


  • 5:30-9:30 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday, January 15 & 17 and

6-9 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday, January 22 – March 12


Central Arizona College (Superstition Mountain Campus)

805 S. Idaho Rd., Apache Junction, AZ, Room D133

  • 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Monday & Wednesday, January 14 & 16 and 

9 a.m.-12 p.m. Monday & Wednesday, January 23 – March 13


  • 5:30-9:30 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday, January 15 & 17 and

6-9 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday, January 22 – March 12


The College also will also offer regular GED classes to help students earn their General Educational Development (GED) diploma. Classes will be divided into two eight-week periods and are currently provided at no cost for Arizona residents. 


Central Arizona College (Casa Grande Center)

1015 East Florence Blvd., Casa Grande, AZ, Room B101 & B103

  • 9 a.m.-12 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday (Begins January 22)
  • 6-9 p.m., Monday & Wednesday (Begins January 23)
  • 6-9 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday (Begins January 22)


Central Arizona College (Florence Center)

800 East Butte, Florence, AZ, Room A106

  • 6-9 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday (Begins January 22)


Central Arizona College (Superstition Mountain Campus)

805 S. Idaho Rd., Apache Junction, AZ, Room D133

  • 9 a.m.-12 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday (Begins January 22)
  • 6-9 p.m., Monday & Wednesday (Begins January 23)


Coolidge High School

800 W. Northern Ave., Coolidge, AZ, Rooms 308 & 316

  • 6-9 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday (Begins January 22)


Maricopa Campus

17945 W. Regent Dr., Maricopa, AZ, Rooms C115 and C116

  • 6-9 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday (Begins January 22)


San Tan Center

The Shops at Copper Basin

2474 E. Hunt Highway, Suite 100, Queen Creek, AZ, Room 111

  • 9 a.m.-12 p.m., Monday & Wednesday (Begins January 23)
  • 6-9 p.m., Monday & Wednesday (Begins January 23)


Students taking class at one of the following locations in Eastern Pinal County are encouraged to pre-register at any one of Central Arizona College’s locations or they may register onsite on the first night of the class. Proof of legal presence in the United States is required. These locations are:


Aravaipa Campus

80440 E. Aravaipa Rd., Winkelman, AZ, Room E107

  • 6:00-9:00 p.m., Monday and Wednesday (Begins Begins January 23)


Oracle (Mt. Vista Junior High School)

2618 W. El Paseo, Oracle, AZ, Room 23

  • 6:30-9:30 p.m., Monday & Wednesday (Begins January 23)


Superior High School

100 Mary Dr., Superior, AZ, Room 102

  • 6-9 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday (Begins January 22)


For more information on classes in Western Pinal County, please call Central’s Casa Grande Center at 520-494-5950.


For more information on classes in Eastern Pinal County, please call Central’s Aravaipa Campus at 520-357-2800 or 520-357-2801.


For more information on classes in Northern Pinal County, please call the Superstition Mountain Campus at 480-677-7764.


— —


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