Ebay and Exercise



Look at the muscles on Gene!  How did he get that way?  He exercises.  Every day.  So does Adam Ginsberg, exercise.  I look at them and then look at myself.  Disgusting.  In my old age I have become fat and flabby.  After being in class for three days, I am inspired to take better care of myself and exercise. These men start their day at the gym.  I met Eddie Jasso who is also a personal trainer and her exercises at 24 Hour Fitness in Mesa Riverview.  He is an amazing young man.  Smart.  What do they have in common?  At least an hour of exercise daily.  I am going to start as soon as I get my good shoes on.


I met these buffs at an Ebay Class in Phoenix.  I have never sold on ebay and now I know how to do it.  I am getting my ebay shoes on and selling every day.  I start today.  


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